Harmonyum Transcendental Healing System, 60-Minutes

Harmonyum Transcendental Healing System, 60-Minutes

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A subtle, soothing treatment to harmonize the emotional body and pacify the autonomic nervous system. An imbalanced emotional body is the cause of most reactions, and reactions are the cause of karma we collect in this lifetime. Over time, this treatment erases energetic blockages written in the spinal cord and removes destructive patterns buried deep in the subconscious mind.

Annette was specially trained by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry in 2006 to perform Harmonyum Energy Healing and she has since been trained to conduct Harmonyum Healing at a distance. She can also offers a self-healing application through a Hebrew Letters Sounding technique upon request. 

Harmonyum supports the unique evolution of each individual. Gently calms the nervous system and increases our vessel of light – the amount of light we are able to carry and radiate to others. This treatment raises our awareness in a gentle way to bring about shifts in our life for the greater evolution of our soul. Harmonyum brings to light the interconnectedness of all beings, while also inducing profound relaxation to the recipient. 

60 Minutes, $150


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