Design An Ayurvedic Spa


For Spa Owners and Spa Directors!

Integrating a luxurious Ayurvedic Healing Menu is easier than you think when you have the right guidance, tools, supplies and authentic protocols.

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So you've heard about Ayurveda, and you've decided that these ancient healing rituals from India deserve a space at your custom-made spa. 

I couldn't agree more. Ayurveda is the most comprehensive system for living a holistic lifestyle, and spa life is an excellent and modern approach to tapping into this ancient healing science.

It's important to get it right. 

That's why I've designed these spa training packages to help you design and customize the perfect spa business of your dreams, and we can start from exactly where you are in your business. You may need all or just one of these packages:

Spa Concepts (help you design and develop the theme and brand of your spa from the ground up)

Ayurvedic Menu Design (create your spa menu and integrate Ayurvedic services into existing treatment offerings or develop your menu completely from scratch). 

Spa Training (train your therapists to perform authentic healing protocols and create journeys that are sure to wow your spa guests)

Spa Marketing (train your front desk team to effectively package, sell, promote and communicate the results and healing benefits of your new luxurious spa services).

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